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The United States (USA) is widely recognized as a leading nation across various fields, from having the strongest technology-driven economy to being the largest consumer market
Therefore, it is sought after by businesses worldwide, but not many can enter this lucrative market due to the complexity of regulations varying between different states of the United States, and the procedures for entering the US market


Establishing a company in the United States brings many benefits to businesses:
  • Limit your liability
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Avoid double taxation
  • Flexibility


The US is a particularly attractive destination for trending industries such as manufacturing, import-export and e-commerce. Joint Stock Company, Company with Intellectual Property Rights element, or Company with real estate and inheritance elements also benefit from establishing company in the US
JNT Consultancy & Services

International trade

JNT Consultancy & Services

Information technology

JNT Consultancy & Services

High technology

JNT Consultancy & Services


JNT Consultancy & Services



    JNT Consultancy & Services


    Set up a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    Services and materials provided Limitted Liability Company (LLC)
    Submitting the state application (and application fee) is required to establish JNT Consultancy & Services
    The files and ongoing fees of the state JNT Consultancy & Services
    Strict requirements on company procedures JNT Consultancy & Services
    Flexibility in business management JNT Consultancy & Services
    Limited liability protection JNT Consultancy & Services
    Long-term business existence Ability
    Ease of capital mobilization Ability
    Ease of adding owners or transfeering ownership Ability

    US Company Formation Process



    Free company name search request: We check the eligibility of the name and make suggestions if necessary
    JNT Consultancy & Services

    Provide detailed company information.

    All required documentation regarding Manager(s), Member(s), and shareholding ratio.
    JNT Consultancy & Services

    Payment of fees.

    Select your payment method.
    JNT Consultancy & Services

    Complete & receive information.

    Upon completion and success, we will send a notification of the results via email to you. Furthermore, a true copy of the company document set will be sent to the address you provided via postal mail (DHL, TNT, or FedEx). You can bring the documents in the company file to open a bank account or we can assist you with our experienced team in setting up a business bank account.
    JNT Consultancy & Services


    • Company establishment documents in Vietnam (if available).
    • Legitimate personal identification documents.
    • Articles of incorporation, shareholder list, founders, business license.
    • Documents substantiating lawful business operations, compliant with regulations, effectively issued by reputable governmental departments.
    • Complete information filling out the business establishment application form to confirm details about the company name; name and address of the registered agent (if any); total number and par value of company shares permitted for issuance, and the name as well as the mailing address of the company.
    • (Each province has different requirements for these documents, and notarization)

    Services Fees

    Company Formation in the US starting from

    • Process takes 3 working days
    • 100% success rate
    • Quick, easy, and absolute confidentiality

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    To establish a company in the US, you need to choose the type of company, register the business at the Office of Business Registration, select a company name, create a business plan, prepare legal documents, and complete necessary forms such as the Articles of Incorporation. This process requires understanding and compliance with the regulations of each state and federal laws.

    Depending on the type of business entity, there are different types of license applications required.

    Depending on the type of business entity, there will be an appropriate licensing period granted.

    We provide one nominee director and one nominee shareholder to protect your privacy. The nominee is not a beneficiary, not an executive, and is only named on documents.