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An offshore company is a privately-owned enterprise that offers numerous advantages. It’s tax-exempt, making it ideal for a wide range of international business activities. It boasts a flexible organizational structure and doesn’t impose burdensome annual reporting or record-keeping requirements. Additionally, offshore companies prioritize confidentiality, safeguarding the identities of owners, directors, and shareholders.
Our dedicated and expert team is here to provide professional support, ensuring the seamless operation of your business while optimizing opportunities for sustainable success. We also offer regular updates and valuable insights from our team of experts to keep you well-informed and empowered.
JNT Consultancy & Services
JNT Consultancy & Services

Why choose us?

We are capable of solving complex business issues
Setting up a foreign company is a common requirement for many businesses. At JNT, we take pride in being the premier corporate service provider, distinguished by our exceptional service quality and an expert team that includes outstanding individuals with extensive experience in key roles at renowned organizations.
We provide unparalleled services thanks to our ability to:
  • More than 10+ years of experience
  • Incorporating in only 1-2 business days
  • Solve complicated business problems
  • Top-of-the-market reporting quality
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How offshore companies benefit local businesses

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3 steps to open an offshore company

step 1
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We will assess the validity of the company and provide suggestions if necessary.
step 2
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Detailed company information

Customers provide basic information and sign documents as instructed. Customer information is kept confidential and processed in accordance with local laws.
step 3
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Finally, the customer will be handed the complete set of documents (soft copy) ready to be put into operation.

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"Offshore" refers to the practice of managing, registering, or conducting business in a foreign location, typically offering various financial, legal, and tax advantages.

An "offshore company" presents numerous benefits and utility for customers seeking to engage in international financial trade and investment endeavors. Depending on the specific offshore jurisdiction, an offshore company exhibits the following advantages and features:

  • Ease of Establishment
  • Affordability
  • Currency Controls
  • High Confidentiality

Consider establishing your own offshore company for a variety of business purposes:

For Entrepreneurs
  • Establishing an Offshore company allows you to start a business without having to have a complicated infrastructure.
  • An Offshore company allows you to quickly create a solid corporate structure with simple administration and enjoy the benefits of that country/region.
For E-commerce Traders
  • E-commerce businesses can use Offshore companies to maintain domain names and manage electronic websites.
  • Offshore companies are quite ideal for online businesses. You have the option of establishing your company's registered office in countries/territories that bring many benefits to you.
For Consultants
  • You can also do consulting business through an Offshore company.
  • You will find it easier to manage the company when it is established in stable countries/regions and takes advantage of that region's strengths.
For International Trade
  • Offshore companies are your gateway to international trade. They adeptly handle buying and selling activities, facilitating your global business endeavors.
Retain intellectual property rights
  • Any intellectual property rights are registered in the name of an Offshore company (patent or trademark). The Company also has the right to buy and sell these rights and can also grant usage rights to third parties.

Selecting the right location for your Offshore company involves more than just tax benefits; it must also be an attractive destination for investors. Key factors include political stability, a strong reputation, and favorable business laws.

While fees may vary between countries, they all prioritize integrity and confidentiality for investors. If you're seeking countries with robust currencies and the ability to attract investment, we recommend considering Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom. These nations boast developed economies and offer compelling tax advantages, making them optimal choices for attracting investors and facilitating investment growth.

In many countries, a person can be both a director and a shareholder of a company, which is completely legal. Therefore, a person can be both a director and a shareholder of the company.

The company will be required to pay the company renewal fee before the company's incorporation date each year. To avoid delays, we will send advance notice to customers.

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