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Setting up a company in Singapore offers numerous benefits for businesses:
  • Good reputation
  • Political stability
  • Secure your intelligent property
  • Attractive tax rates
  • 100% foreign ownership and absence of exchange controls


Singapore is a particularly attractive destination for trending industry groups such as E-commerce, International Trade, Finance, and Holding Companies.
JNT Consultancy & Services


JNT Consultancy & Services


JNT Consultancy & Services


Set up a company in Singapore now!

    JNT Consultancy & Services


    Set up a Private Limited Company (Pte. Ltd)

    1. Company Registration

    Services Status
    Name reservation JNT Consultancy & Services
    Preparation of incorporation documents JNT Consultancy & Services
    Registration with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) JNT Consultancy & Services
    Electronic Certificate of Incorporation JNT Consultancy & Services
    Decision to open bank account JNT Consultancy & Services
    Extract of Company Profile from ACRA JNT Consultancy & Services
    Share certificate JNT Consultancy & Services
    Company seal (optional) JNT Consultancy & Services
    Company rubber stamp (optional) JNT Consultancy & Services
    Preparation of company compliance document set JNT Consultancy & Services
    ACRA Compliance Alert & Reminder JNT Consultancy & Services
    Professional fee & submission JNT Consultancy & Services
    Company secretary service for 1 year JNT Consultancy & Services
    Company security deposit JNT Consultancy & Services

    2. Government Fees & Office Address

    Services Status
    Government fees JNT Consultancy & Services

    Registered office address for 1 year

    • List our address as your company's registered address with ACRA
    • Receive official notifications from the local government
    JNT Consultancy & Services

    3. Nominee Director in Singapore

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    Singapore companies required to have at least one resident director in Singapore (local director). Residents are defined as Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents, or individuals holding Entrepass or Employment Pass.

    Note: If you are unable to provide a local director from your side, Offshore Company Corp can meet this legal requirement.

    JNT Consultancy & Services

    Singapore Company Formation Process



    Free company name search request: We check the availability of the name and make suggestions if necessary.
    JNT Consultancy & Services

    Provide company information

    Register or log in and fill in the company name, directors/shareholders. Fill in the company address information or special requests (if any).
    JNT Consultancy & Services


    Choose your payment method (We accept payments by Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, or Bank Transfer).
    JNT Consultancy & Services


    Upon completion, you'll receive essential documents like Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association. Your new company is now ready for business! Bring these documents to open a bank account or let our experienced team assist you with bank account opening support services.
    JNT Consultancy & Services


    • Passports of Shareholders/Beneficial Owners and Company Directors
    • Proof of residential address for Directors and Shareholders
    • 3 potential company names with the suffix "Pte. Ltd" in accordance with Singapore government regulations
    • Capital structure and Business plan of the company

    Services Fees

    Company Formation in Singapore starting from

    • Process takes 1-2 working days
    • 100% success rate
    • Quick, easy, and absolute confidentiality

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    To set up a company in Singapore, investors need to meet the following essential conditions and requirements:

    1- Director requirement

    It is mandatory for a company to have a designated Director (Nominee Director) or SPR (Singapore Permanent Resident - residing in Singapore). The Nominee Director does not intervene in the company's business operations but is legally responsible for the company's activities.

    If foreign investors wish to personally carry out the duties of a resident director in Singapore, they may consider residing in Singapore under the EntrePass or Employment Pass program.

    Thus, a Singapore company must have at least 01 managing director who is a local resident: Singapore Citizens, Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs), or individuals holding Entrepass or Employment Pass.

    2- Secretary requirement

    In addition to the designated director, after incorporation, the company also needs to appoint an additional secretary who is a Singaporean citizen. Currently, in Singapore, hiring secretary services is quite common to assist foreign investors in establishing companies in Singapore.

    3- Company address requirement in Singapore

    The office address in Singapore can be a rented address; however, approval from housing management authorities such as the Housing Development Board or Urban Redevelopment Authority is required to register as the company's registered address.

    4- Paid-up capital requirement of the company

    According to regulations in Singapore, the minimum paid-up capital to establish a company is $1, and there is no maximum capital requirement or authorized capital.

    A "Nominee Director" is a financial term used in the business field, referring to a director appointed to represent someone else or a company, such as a bank, investor, or lender, on the board of directors of a company.

    Role of a Nominee Director:

    A private company in Singapore must have at least one local resident director according to Singapore Company Law. The local resident director can be one of the following:

    Nominee Director Service at JNT:

    If you are a foreign entrepreneur or business entity and do not have a suitable person to act as a local director, you can use JNT's Nominee Director service to meet the legal requirements.

    Contact us today for consultation and support:

    Hotline: (84) 93 193 6 222 (Julie Nguyen)
    • Choose the bank you want to open an account with
    • Visit the bank directly or fill out an online application form (It is advisable to visit the bank directly as some banks require the Director or authorized person to be present)
    • Submit the required documents and a deposit to maintain the account
    • Once the bank reviews and approves your application, your corporate bank account will be opened.

    Private Limited Company (Pte Ltd)

    Sole Proprietorship

    Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).