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Setting up a company in the UK offers numerous benefits for businesses:
  • The best choice for investment in Europe
  • The preferential tax system for foreign busunesses
  • An open economy and transparent policies create favorable conditions for the development of businesses
  • One of the largest tax treaty networks in the world
  • Most companies headquartered in the UK benefit from the exemptiom of corporate taxes on foreign dividends
  • The UK market is highly developed, sophisticated and diverse


The UK is a particularly attractive destination for trending industries such as manufacturing, import-export and e-commerce. Joint Stock Company, Company with Intellectual Property Rights element, or Company with real estate and inheritance elements also benefit from establishing company in the UK
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Joint Stock Company and Investment

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Intellectual property

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IT & Software Services

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Science & Lifestyle

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Trading with the EU

Set up a company in the UK now!

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    Set up a Private Limited Company (Pte. Ltd)

    1. Company incorporation service fee

    Services Status
    Search for company names in the UK Registrar of Companies JNT Consultancy & Services
    Document preparation JNT Consultancy & Services
    Shareholder, director, and member registration JNT Consultancy & Services
    Registered address JNT Consultancy & Services
    Share certificates issuance JNT Consultancy & Services
    24/7 customer support JNT Consultancy & Services
    Company Secretary JNT Consultancy & Services

    2. Government Fees

    Services Status
    Certificate of Incorporation JNT Consultancy & Services
    Memorandum of Association JNT Consultancy & Services
    Meeting report JNT Consultancy & Services
    Association's Articles JNT Consultancy & Services

    3. VAT registration request in the UK

    UK Company Formation Process



    Free company name search request: We check the availability of the name and make suggestions if necessary.
    JNT Consultancy & Services

    Provide company information

    Register or log in and fill in the company name, directors/shareholders. Fill in the company address information or special requests (if any).
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    Choose your payment method (We accept payments by Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, or Bank Transfer).
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    Upon completion, you'll receive essential documents like Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association. Your new company is now ready for business! Bring these documents to open a bank account or let our experienced team assist you with bank account opening support services.
    JNT Consultancy & Services


    • Passports of benefical Shareholders/ Owners and Company Directors
    • Proof of residential address for Directors and Shareholders
    • 3 potential company names with the suffix "LIMITED" or "LTD"
    • Provide capital structure in any currency

    Services Fees

    Company Formation in UK starting from

    • Process takes 1-2 working days
    • 100% success rate
    • Quick, easy, and absolute confidentiality

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    The UK does not have regulations regarding the nationality of directors or shareholders. A foreign individual can own 100% of a company in the UK

    Due to the United Kingdom's highly recognized status, establishing a foreign company here is very easy and expanding new business activities is straightforward. Creating a Joint Stock company in the UK offers a solution with very low taxation through transfer pricing. You can use a UK Limited Liability Company to invest in or hold shares in other foreign companies. How do you establish your UK company?

    Step 1: To set up a company in the UK, initially, our team of advisors will request detailed information about the names and details of Shareholders/Directors from you. You can choose the services you need, typically with 2 working days or one working day in urgent cases. Additionally, provide a proposed company name so that we can check the eligibility of the company name with the Business Registration Authority.

    Step 2: You pay for our service fee and the required UK government fee. We accept payment by Credit Card/Debit Card, Visa, Discover American, Paypal, or Bank Transfer to our HSBC bank account. See more: Payment Guide

    Step 3: After collecting complete information from you, Foreign Company Corp will send you the soft copy of company documents (Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, NNC1, Share Certificate, Association Memorandum and Articles, etc.) via email. All UK company documents will be couriered to your home address via express delivery service (TNT, DHL, or UPS, etc.). You can open a bank account for your company in Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, or other legal jurisdictions that support foreign bank accounts! You are free to make international transfers according to your company. Your UK company is now established and ready to do international business!, ready to do international business! See more: Establishing a company in the United Kingdom with a bank account.

    Limited Liability Company (LLC) Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs)
    Can be registered, owned, and managed by a single individual - a sole director and shareholder. Requires a minimum of two members to establish an LLP.
    The liability of shareholders or guarantors is limited to the amount paid or unpaid on their shares, or their guarantee amount. The liability of LLP members is limited to the amount each member undertakes to contribute if the business encounters financial difficulties or is harmed.
    An LLC can receive loans and investments from outside investors. LLPs can only receive loans. It cannot supply share capital in the business to non-LLP members.
    LLCs pay corporate and capital gains taxes on all taxable income. LLP members pay income tax, National Insurance, and capital gains tax on all taxable income. The LLP itself has no tax obligation.
    You need to notify the company secretary for each change of director, shareholder. Changing internal management structures and profit distribution in an LLP will be easier.

    We provide a nominated director and a nominated shareholder to protect your privacy. The nominee does not benefit, operate, and is only named on documents.