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JNT Consultancy & Services
Struggling with cash management, basic accounting, or complex financial reports? Let JNT Consultancy & Services help with professional and efficient solutions.
We're your reliable partner for international legal, financial, and tax services, dedicated to supporting businesses and individuals with comprehensive solutions.
JNT Consultancy & Services
JNT Consultancy & Services

Why choose us?

We have the ability to solve complex business problems
Establishing a foreign company is a popular need of many businesses. But JNT is confident that it is the best corporate service provider with the highest quality of service and the quality of a professional team including many excellent individuals who have held key positions in many famous organizations.
At JNT, we have:
  • Experienced team with 10+ years of expertise
  • Adherence to government regulations
  • In accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Accuracy and Transparency
  • Information Security
  • Reasonable Costs

Benefits of Offshore companies

JNT Consultancy & Services

Consultation on financial planning

Consulting on building an accounting system tailored to the current status and needs of the business, including optimizing cash flow.
JNT Consultancy & Services


Regular transaction postings and cash flow management.
JNT Consultancy & Services

Financial Report

Preparing regular accounting reports, including consolidated group reports and internal management reports.
JNT Consultancy & Services

Audit Report

Ensuring transparency and accuracy of financial information through audit reporting.
JNT Consultancy & Services


Knowledge transfer and guidance on using accounting tools, including Quickbooks and PBI software.
JNT Consultancy & Services

Legal Services

A team of comprehensive consulting experts for drafting and reviewing legal documents.

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