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Trademark registration

Trademark registration
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Building and safeguarding a brand is a long-term process that goes hand in hand with the development and success of a business. Registering a trademark provides the right to prevent the unauthorized use or copying of the trademark without the owner's consent, ensuring the sustainability of business development.
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The importance of trademark registration

Establishing ownership rights

Registered trademarks attract interest from investors and potential partners, creating opportunities for accessing resources and investment capital.

Prevention of copying

Trademark protection prevents copying and imitation by competitors, safeguarding the reputation and uniqueness of the product or service.

Brand recognition

Registered trademarks create intangible assets with economic value, enhancing the overall value of the business.

Building trust

Registered trademarks build trust with customers, providing assurance of the quality and origin of the product or service.

Amazon Brand Registry

It is a program that helps sellers here verify their brand and obtain exclusive privileges from Amazon.

Customer engagement

A strong and unique brand helps attract customers, increase sales opportunities, and revenue.

Creating value

Registered trademarks help differentiate from competitors, bring unique value, and attract consumer attention.

Access to investors

Registered trademarks attract interest from investors and potential partners, creating opportunities for accessing resources and investment capital.

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Amazon Brand Registry is a program that assists Amazon sellers in verifying their brand and obtaining exclusive privileges from Amazon. This program helps brands control the display of their products on Amazon and ensures that product information is accurate and trustworthy.
JNT Consultancy & Services
  • Registering a trademark with the U.S. (USPTO) is a necessary step to join the Amazon Brand Registry program.
  • It only takes 1 to 2 weeks after submitting the application to the USPTO for sellers to participate in the Amazon Brand Registry program using the serial number provided by the USPTO.
  • To successfully register a trademark, sellers should start selling branded goods as soon as possible.

Trademark registration in the US

Step 1
JNT Consultancy & Services


2-3 weeks
Step 2
JNT Consultancy & Services

Submit your documents to the USPTO

1-2 weeks
Step 3
JNT Consultancy & Services

Register for Amazon Brand Registry

From 10 months
Step 4
JNT Consultancy & Services


1-2 months
From $250

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A trademark is a form of intellectual property that encompasses numbers, words, product shapes, colors, names, symbols, or any combination thereof that distinguishes your brand from other competing counterparts and adds value to your trademark.

Building a renowned brand/trademark is a long-term endeavor, a process that runs parallel to the growth and success of your business. Protecting your brand/trademark is essential for the sustainable development of your business.

  • The owner has the right to sue parties who infringe his trademark in court.
  • The trademark will be listed in a government database, which may prevent others from registering a similar trademark.
  • A registered trademark gives the owner the right to document his or her registration with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This agency can stop importing goods with infringing trademarks.
  • A word or phrase
  • Icon
  • Design picture
  • Color, sound or scent (depending on region)
  • Any other special markings

The name of the company, individual, or organization acting as the applicant The signature (except for Chinese characters) of the applicant An invented word A word that does not describe goods or services that the trademark uses or is not a geographical name or surname Any other distinctive mark

Trademark registration is not limited to any specific nationality or origin of the company.

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