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Setting up a company in HongKong offers numerous benefits for businesses:
  • A gateway to explore business opportunities in China and Asia.
  • A business-friendly tax system allows for profit maximization.
  • Easy business establishment and transparent procedures.
  • World-class infrastructure and highly skilled workforce.
  • No VAT, no import tax, no property tax, and no tax on dividends and interest.
  • Tax exemption for income sourced outside of Hong Kong.
  • Reliable political stability and a strongly developing economy.
  • Absolute confidentiality of client information.


Hong Kong is a particularly attractive destination for industries such as Manufacturing, Import and Export, or E-commerce. Joint-stock companies, companies with Intellectual Property elements, or companies involved in Real Estate and inheritance also benefit from establishing a company in Hong Kong.
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Manufacturing, import and export company

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Joint-stock company

Set up a company in HongKong now!

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    Set up a Company Limited by Shares

    1. Company Registration

    Services & Documents Status
    Finding company name JNT Consultancy & Services
    Preparing documents JNT Consultancy & Services
    Certificate of Incorporation JNT Consultancy & Services
    Business Registration Certificate JNT Consultancy & Services
    Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) JNT Consultancy & Services
    Customer support JNT Consultancy & Services
    Registered business address JNT Consultancy & Services
    Personal or Corporate Secretary Service in Hong Kong for about 1 year JNT Consultancy & Services
    Receiving letters and notices from the Hong Kong government for 1 year JNT Consultancy & Services
    Annual declaration and filing JNT Consultancy & Services

    2. Government Fees


    The individual looking to establish a new company in Hong Kong must pay two types of Government fees. These fees depend on the regulations of the Hong Kong government, and we cannot adjust them.

    1. Certificate of Incorporation (COI) Fee: Paid once upon company incorporation, including:

    • Registration fee
    • Submission of form NNC1

    2. Business Registration Certificate (BR): There are two types of business registration certificates, namely the one-year certificate and the three-year certificate. For a new business that is not a local company, the commencement date for the first registration certificate is the date of commencement of business activities, not the date of application for business registration or establishment of a branch.

    HongKong Company Formation Process



    Free company name search: We check the availability of the name and make suggestions if necessary.
    JNT Consultancy & Services

    Provide company information

    Register or log in and fill in the company name, directors/shareholders. Fill in the company address information or special requests (if any).
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    Choose your payment method (We accept payments by Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, or Bank Transfer).
    JNT Consultancy & Services


    Customers will receive copies of the necessary documents including: Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, Memorandum and Articles of Association, etc. Once these procedures are completed, your new company is ready to do business! You can bring the company documents to open a bank account or with our extensive experience, we can assist you with bank account opening support services.
    JNT Consultancy & Services


    • Passports of each shareholder/owner and director.
    • Proof of residential address for each director and shareholder: utility bills or bank account statements (must be in English or Chinese or translated copies must be notarized).
    • Capital structure of the company in any currency.

    Services Fees

    Company Formation in HongKong starting from:

    • Process takes 1-2 working days
    • 100% success rate
    • Quick, easy, and absolute confidentiality

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    Private Company Limited by Share (Private Company Limited by Share)

    When determining whether a company name is identical to another, certain words and abbreviations will be disregarded: "company" - "and company" - "company limited" - "and company limited" - "limited" - "unlimited" - "public limited company". Also, letter case, spaces between letters, accents, and punctuation marks will be ignored.

    Following phrases such as "and" - "&", "Hongkong" - "Hong Kong" - "HK", "Far East" - "FE" are considered equivalent.

    We can assist you in checking the availability of your proposed company name.

    Anyone can establish a Hong Kong company. The basic requirements for setting up a Hong Kong company must include at least:

    • One director (individual)
    • One shareholder (individual or corporation)
    • One company secretary
    • A registered office address in Hong Kong (PO Box is not allowed).

    As your company secretary, Offshore Company Corp will provide a registered office address and secretary services. Offshore Company Corp can also provide a nominee director and shareholder if needed to protect your privacy.

    There is no minimum share capital requirement. For practical purposes, this amount is usually not less than HK$10,000 or equivalent in foreign currency. A duty of 0.1% is payable on authorized share capital (subject to a cap of HK$30,000).

    The minimum requirement to establish a private limited company is to have at least one shareholder and one director, which may be the same person.

    We will assist you in renewing the business registration (BR) of your company within one working day and then send the new BR back to you via email.