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Trademark registration

A trademark constitutes a form of intellectual property encompassing numbers, letters, product shapes, colors, names, symbols, or any unique combination thereof. It serves to distinguish your brand from competitors and adds value to your business.

Establishing a renowned brand is a long-term endeavor, an ongoing process intricately intertwined with business growth and success. Safeguarding your brand through trademark protection is imperative for the sustainable evolution of your enterprise.

Registering a trademark grants the trademark owner exclusive rights to prohibit others from utilizing the same or similar trademark without obtaining the owner’s consent. This exclusive right extends to the registered goods or services and akin products or services, fortifying your brand’s distinct identity and integrity.

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How our legal consultants add value for your business

The lawyers at JNT Consultancy & Services have years of experience in the field of Trademark Protection, with the ability to enhance the value of the Trademark Protection process through:

  • Expertise, experience, and service excellence
  • Official partner of Amazon Global Selling Vietnam
  • Simple procedures
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Fast process
  • High success rate

Trademark registration consulting

Amazon Brand Registry program

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The importance of trademark registration

Establishing ownership rights

Registered trademarks attract interest from investors and potential partners, creating opportunities for accessing resources and investment capital.

Prevention of copying

Trademark protection prevents copying and imitation by competitors, safeguarding the reputation and uniqueness of the product or service.

Brand recognition

Registered trademarks create intangible assets with economic value, enhancing the overall value of the business.

Building trust

Registered trademarks build trust with customers, providing assurance of the quality and origin of the product or service.

Amazon Brand Registry

It is a program that helps sellers here verify their brand and obtain exclusive privileges from Amazon.

Customer engagement

A strong and unique brand helps attract customers, increase sales opportunities, and revenue.

Creating value

Registered trademarks help differentiate from competitors, bring unique value, and attract consumer attention.

Access to investors

Registered trademarks attract interest from investors and potential partners, creating opportunities for accessing resources and investment capital.

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Amazon Brand Registry is a program that assists Amazon sellers in verifying their brand and obtaining exclusive privileges from Amazon. This program helps brands control the display of their products on Amazon and ensures that product information is accurate and trustworthy.

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Only 10 months for your trademark to be registered with the USPTO

Our trademark registration process


Provide us with your Brand Name and a detailed description of the products or services you intend to register for trademark protection under that brand. This is crucial for us to assist you in determining whether your brand is causing any confusion with any other trademarks and accurately identify the class numbers you need to register for your brand.


We will draft the registration application based on the information you provide and submit it to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


If your trademark meets the requirements and you provide timely responses to the USPTO during the 8-12 month examination process, with no opposition from any third party, your trademark will then be issued a certificate.

  • Registering a trademark with the U.S. (USPTO) is a necessary step to join the Amazon Brand Registry program.
  • It only takes 1 to 2 weeks after submitting the application to the USPTO for sellers to participate in the Amazon Brand Registry program using the serial number provided by the USPTO.
  • To successfully register a trademark, sellers should start selling branded goods as soon as possible.
Only 10 months for your trademark to be registered with the USPTO

Trademark registration in the US


2-3 weeks

Submit your documents to the USPTO

1-2 weeks

Register for Amazon Brand Registry

From 10 months


1-2 months

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Frequently asked questions

A trademark is a form of intellectual property that encompasses numbers, words, product shapes, colors, names, symbols, or any combination thereof that distinguishes your brand from other competing counterparts and adds value to your trademark.

Building a renowned brand/trademark is a long-term endeavor, a process that runs parallel to the growth and success of your business. Protecting your brand/trademark is essential for the sustainable development of your business. 

The name of the company, individual, or organization acting as the applicant The signature (except for Chinese characters) of the applicant An invented word A word that does not describe goods or services that the trademark uses or is not a geographical name or surname Any other distinctive mark

Trademark registration is not limited to any specific nationality or origin of the company.

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