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Opening an offshore bank account

We offer specialized services for opening business bank accounts in selected offshore jurisdictions, catering to the needs of offshore companies. Leveraging our extensive network of reputable international banking partners, we gather comprehensive information about your business and provide expert guidance on suitable banks and jurisdictions for your consideration when opening an account.


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Why does a company need an offshore bank account?

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Our rich network in the banking industry

Your trusted bank account opening services provider

Our success rate for offshore bank accounts opening is 95%

We offer specialized services for the swift opening of business bank accounts in priority offshore jurisdictions, specifically tailored for offshore companies. Drawing upon a network of esteemed international banking partners known for their trustworthiness and credibility, we gather comprehensive information about your business. Following this, we provide expert recommendations on the most suitable banks and jurisdictions for your consideration when exploring the possibility of opening an account.

Traditional bank account

Traditional methods of opening a business bank account can be complex. At JNT, we take pride in our impressive track record of a 95% success rate in account openings, made possible by our strong relationships with numerous banking partners.

Digital bank account

An opportunity to get your account whitelisted for no extra charge with JNT!

Mở tài khoản ngân hàng doanh nghiệp nước ngoài
Your trusted corporate services provider

The process of bank account opening

Verify your business information (KYB)

Depending on your long-term business objectives and specific needs, our expert team will offer recommendations for appropriate jurisdictions where you can open a bank account.

Throughout this phase, our team will address several key questions to provide tailored advice:

  • Are you seeking legal measures to minimize taxes through a foreign bank?
  • What is the nature of your intended business?
  • How is your company structured?
  • What are the anticipated patterns of incoming and outgoing transactions?
  • What is the nationality of your directors and shareholders?

These insights help us determine the best-suited jurisdictions to align with your goals.

Prepare your business plan

We will furnish you with an initial draft of a business plan for your review. Our experienced team is well-versed in the specific details that banks seek when considering the registration of your business.

We will meticulously craft a comprehensive business plan aimed at significantly boosting your chances of successfully opening an account.

At JNT Consultancy & Services, we aspire to see this business plan through to completion. Subsequently, we will adeptly present the necessary documents to our preferred banking partners on your behalf.

Network screening

We will furnish you with a comprehensive list of banks that have received positive feedback. To assist you in selecting the most suitable bank for your business, we’ll provide essential details, including account opening fees, initial deposit requirements, transaction limits, and account maintenance charges.

You will receive pre-filled account opening forms for your chosen banks. Once you’ve completed these forms, our team will conduct a meticulous review of the documents before submitting them to the respective bankers. We will also continue to engage in negotiations to ensure the successful opening of your account.

Throughout this process, JNT will act as a dedicated intermediary between our clients and the banks. Our clients’ primary responsibility will be to review and sign the company’s bank account opening forms.

Prepare for the interview

If required, our team will negotiate alternative solutions such as video or telephone interviews on your behalf. We will brief you and prepare expected questions for the interview.

Finalize the process

After receiving approval from the bank’s moderation department, your corporate bank account will be successfully opened within a short span of 5 working days. Our team of skilled experts will oversee all necessary aspects, ensuring a smooth process, which includes activating your online banking token, promptly delivering banking documents, and facilitating initial deposits.

Typically, our business bank account opening service is completed in an average of 5 weeks. Clients can expect to gain access to online banking functionalities within just 2 weeks following the official account establishment.

An option for small and medium-sized businesses

Opening a digital bank account

Mở tài khoản ngân hàng kỹ thuật số Aspire

Special treatments for JNT clients

Have your Aspire accounts whitelisted without extra charge!

Aspire is a recognized electronic payment solution that serves as a valid payment account for businesses across multiple countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, BVI, Cayman Islands, and more. In comparison to traditional banks like DBS, OCBC, and UOB, Aspire stands out as an exceptional choice for small and medium-sized businesses. It has earned the trust of over 10,000 Singaporean businesses and is particularly accommodating for industries classified as "high-risk," such as e-commerce, cross-border operations, and Blockchain-related businesses.

The benefits of opening an Aspire digital banking account with JNT:

  • Online account opening, no physical visit
  • Fully online account management
  • Whitelisted and protected under the the name of JNT.
  • Streamlined international money transfers with competitive exchange rates
Your trusted bank account opening agent

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