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Deep expertise in investment

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We are experts in the field of Business Consulting, providing tailor-made solutions to meet each customer's needs.

Starting a business is an opportunity. The challenges that arise may seem daunting, but we will help you confidently and flexibly navigate them.

Our solutions include brand building, website development, landing page creation, financial risk management, market planning, and deployment support.

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Startups, keeping up with the rapid pace of technology and digital advancement, we assist you in implementing the most useful technologies, tools, and advice to drive business growth.


Businesses should not be bound by old ways of doing things. We provide customized solutions tailored to your business needs.


There will be no growth without innovation. Explore the exciting potentials that technology can bring to your business.

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Our key services

A comprehensive range of services for startups and SMEs

Company Incorporation

Apply the necessary knowledge and techniques to implement solutions for your business

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Financial consulting

Our consulting experts will help you identify the best solutions for your business.

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Legal consulting

We provide legal services and solutions to help you determine the right direction for your business.

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Fundraising consulting

Supporting startups and small to medium-sized enterprises in accessing both domestic and international capital markets.

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Why startups and SMEs should establish their foreign entities

Vietnamese entrepreneurs starting their businesses overseas

Advantageous tax policies

Many countries offer favorable tax rates, including numerous policies that benefit small and medium-sized enterprises.

Benefits to startups & SMEs

Take advantage of startup-friendly policies in many countries.

Country's reputation

Leverage the reputation of these nations to enhance credibility with investors, while also connecting with experts and larger businesses.

Gain access to foreign capital

Gain access to large foreign investment funds, especially those not yet familiar with investing in Vietnamese companies

Your trusted incorporating services provider

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Starting your business in Singapore

In the current investment landscape, where the legal framework may not be entirely favorable for attracting foreign investments, many entrepreneurs are turning to the solution of establishing foreign companies. To date, setting up a business in Singapore remains the optimal choice for Vietnamese entrepreneurs looking to start a business, expand their market, or access foreign capital.

Reasons why Vietnamese entrepreneurs choose Singapore as their startup destination:

  • Favorable environment
  • Favorable tax policies
  • Access to foreign capital
  • Easy company incorporation
Incorporating in 3 simple steps

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Thành lập công ty nước ngoài

    Thành lập công ty offshore

    Financial services for startups and SMEs

    We provide comprehensive business consulting services

    In the context of continuous technological advancement, it is crucial for businesses to stay ahead of developments and innovations and understand the potential they bring to your business.

    With partnerships with leading developers and businesses in the industry, we will assist you in obtaining the best solutions that benefit your business.

    Comprehensive financial solutions for startups and SMEs

    Our approach

    Enterprise e-Wallet

    Most transactions between the Project and other parties are conducted using Crypto and e-wallets. However, the Project only has a personal e-wallet, making it challenging to record and explain the project's cash flow in accordance with legal regulations. Therefore, the crucial initial step for any Project is to search for and open a Business E-Wallet by a licensed organization. JNT will advise and assist the Project in successfully opening a Business E-Wallet. This process typically takes 3-6 weeks to complete. Quá trình này sẽ mất từ 3-6 tuần để hoàn thành.

    Bank account opening

    Most transactions between the Project and other parties are conducted using Crypto and e-wallets. However, the Project only has a personal e-wallet, making it challenging to record and explain the project's cash flow in accordance with legal regulations. Therefore, finding and opening a Business E-Wallet by a licensed organization is a crucial initial step for any Project. JNT will advise and assist the Project in successfully opening a Business E-Wallet. This process typically takes 3-6 weeks to complete.

    Accounting and tax

    JNT, with its experienced experts, will provide guidance and support for the Project in building an accounting and reporting system following international standards, tailored to the specific needs of the Project and in compliance with the requirements of regulatory authorities in general.

    Tư vấn pháp lý Blockchain

    Legal consulting for startups and SMEs

    Let our legal experts assist you

    Technology is paving the way for businesses to innovate and break down previous barriers. However, these new developments do not exist in a vacuum and are mostly regulated by laws, just like other business applications.

    To ensure the feasibility of your idea and its alignment with the legal and regulatory environment, you need a professional lawyer and consultant. Our team keeps pace with the rapidly evolving landscape, so you can be confident that you are implementing a project that won't pose any legal complications.

    A strong legal foundation for your business

    Our approach

    Whatever your needs, whatever industry you are in, our legal advisory service will provide you with clarity and guidance on the best solution for your business.

    Legal consulting

    Regulations in business activities are constantly evolving to align with local and international policies. Therefore, JNT will provide legal advice on fundamental and in-depth legal matters to ensure that the Project complies with the law. This process typically takes 3-6 weeks to complete.


    A shareholder agreement is an agreement among the shareholders of a company that outlines the company's operations and delineates the rights and obligations of the shareholders. The agreement also includes information about company management and the specific privileges and protections afforded to shareholders.

    Trademark registration

    Brand protection is the first step in building a strong brand strategy. JNT understands the importance of this, and we are highly confident that with our extensive experience, we can support your project in registering and protecting your brand in any country where you want to establish and develop your brand.

    Deep understanding of clients is the foundation of a good solution

    How our process works

    Getting to know the client

    Feel free to get in touch with us by calling our hotline or sending us a message. JNT's consulting team will reach out to learn more about your situation and prepare for the next steps.

    Drafting a solution

    Our consulting team will connect with you and delve deep into your business needs and challenges. During this phase, we expect you to provide comprehensive and honest information about your business situation and requirements.

    Executing the solution

    Our lawyers and experts will conduct the necessary research to provide a solution. If you agree with the suggested approach, we will proceed with payment and implement the solution.

    Continuous support

    During the service delivery process, the client will receive guidance and knowledge to handle similar business issues in the future. Even after the service is completed, we maintain a collaborative relationship and are always ready to provide assistance when needed.

    Your trusted fundraising partner

    Bring startups and investors together

    Professional fundraising consulting services

    Fundraise in a smart way

    We help startups optimize their fundraising processes by analyzing the situation and planning for the long term. Our team of experts includes individuals who have held important positions in finance, law, and business in large technology companies. With the guidance of experts and the dedication and professionalism of our team, JNT has successfully supported many startups in their ambition to access foreign capital.

    Some typical services at JNT Consultancy & Services:

    • Market analysis
    • Company profile
    • Financial modeling
    • CIM
    • Pitching Deck & Coaching
    • Connecting to investors
    • Due Diligence
    • Term Sheet
    • and other full-packaged services
    Tư vấn gọi vốn startup
    years of experience in connecting local startups with foreign capital funds

    Our fundraising services

    Market analysis

    In-depth market research with deep industry expertise from our experts in specialized sectors.


    Preparing a comprehensive fundraising documentation package, including a capability profile, market research, team information, financial models, etc., and a Pitching Deck, all in English.

    Connecting to investors

    Connecting your project with potential investors both domestically and internationally. Providing advisory support to enhance fundraising effectiveness.

    Completing the fundraising process

    Due Diligence, completing the process and procedures until the fundraising round is finalized.

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