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JNT Consultancy & Services

As a leading Global Business Service Provider, JNT is your go-to partner for expert services catering to business owners and investors. We excel in the realms of E-commerce, Blockchain, Start-ups, and SME enterprises, offering a wealth of legal and financial expertise.

With our extensive experience and deep-rooted insights into the world of business consulting, JNT Consultancy & Services has cultivated strong global relationships with clients and partners. Our mission is to deliver top-tier services tailored to the unique needs of every business.


As a frontrunner in the realm of business consulting, we possess a profound understanding of both domestic and international markets. Our expertise is geared towards empowering businesses to secure a competitive edge as they expand and seamlessly integrate into the global economy.

Core values

At the core of our mission is an unwavering commitment to placing our customers in the spotlight. We consistently strive to deliver the utmost in professionalism and top-notch quality services, all geared towards propelling our customers towards resounding success.

The people

Our team of exceptional talents is poised to offer genuine advice and thoughtful recommendations to assist our customers in discovering tailored solutions. Our aim is to instill a sense of confidence in businesses regarding their investment decisions, ensuring they feel secure every step of the way.

Our core

JNT Consultancy & Services


Leveraging our wealth of experience and profound expertise in business services consulting, we are dedicated to fostering and broadening global partnerships. Our overarching goal is to deliver exceptional services to each and every client.

Core values

Expertise · Confidentiality · Professionalism · Transparency · Compliance · Service excellence


Driven by the aspiration to be an integral part of every business's journey towards success, we are steadfast in our commitment to provide top-tier services. Our mission is to empower businesses, facilitating their seamless entry into the global market and the optimization of their international operations.

Our network

Our key services

For Cross-border E-commerce

We provide a comprehensive service range for cross-border e-commerce including Dropshipping and Print-on-demand (POD)

For Cross-border E-commerce Businesses

Providing a wide service range including incorporation, bank account opening, trademark registration, and payment gateway services

For Blockchain Developers

Turning your business ideas to reality with Blockchain

For Blockchain Developers

Providing a wide range of services including incorporation, financial consulting, legal consulting, and licensing

For Startups & SMEs

Your success is also our success. JNT provides consulting services for Startups, small and medium enterprises. We help make your business ideas a reality.

For Startups & SMEs

Providing a wide range of services including legal consulting, financial consulting, and fundraising

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