Our Experts

Business Consultant

Jenny Dang

  • PhD in International Business;

  • Co-founder & CEO of Topica Edtech Group;

  • Startups Mentor of TOPICA Founder Institute & SchoolLab;

  • International Speaker & Researcher.

Accounting & Financial Consultant

Umyos Huvanandana

  • MBA in Finance;

  • Representative of Generale Bank

  • Deputy General Manager of Fortis Bank Bangkok International Banking Facility (from 1989-2002);

  • 20 years experience in banking and finance, optimize capital structure and effective cashflow.

Tax, Accounting & Financial Consultant

Tran Thi Duc

  • ACCA member

  • 10 years of experiences in consulting & teaching IFRS at FTMS

  • Chief Accountant at VINMEC and Account manager at Lotte.

Lawyer, Business Legal Counsel

Nguyen Thi Hien

  • Lawyer Certificate;

  • 9 years experience in Vinabiz Law, the top law firm in Vietnam;

  • Expertise in  business , intellectual property and investment legal consultancy.

Accouting & Financial Consultant

Nga Quach

  • CPA, ACCA and Chief Accountant Certificate;

  • CFO at Bluebelt Fintech Holding and Financial Director at Topica Edtech Group

  • 15 years of experiences in Taxation, Accounting and Fundraising;

  • Expertise in Vietnam, Thailand, Hongkong, Singapore, Myanmar and Philippines markets.


Legal Counsel, Business Consultant

Julie Ng.

  • 8 years experience in Financial, Legal & Compliance

  • MBA in International Law

  • Former Legal Counsel at Topica Edtech Group (Thailand, Vietnam & Singapore)

  • Former CEO at Phoenix Film Singapore

  • Co-founder of VACOSI Cosmetics

  • Expertise in Southeast Asia market, especially Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore


Business Consultant

Tung Nguyen

  • MBA in Business Management at Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Founder & Former CEO of VACOSI Cosmetics & BiTour Vietnam

  • Former CEO at LoveWin Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

  • 10 years of experiences in business development at Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. Expertise in development and improvement of new product opportunities.